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Boards & Committees

These are the various Volunteer Boards and Committees that assist the Town Council and Town Manager with specialized operations of municipal government. Below is a brief description of the tasks for each group.

If you have ever been bitten by the "Civic Duty" bug and gotten the urge to serve in a volunteer roll, fill out the Committee Appointment Application (link found at the bottom of this page) and return it to the town office for consideration. If you have specific question about any of these groups, please don’t hesitate contact us.

Appointed Committee members are subject to consented criminal background checks. Criminal histories may be cause for disqualification from appointment.

Board of Appeals

The Board of Appeals is a committee of five members with two alternates, appointed by the Town Council, tasked with reviewing actions of the Planning Board and the Code Enforcement Officer when a person appeals a decision made by either of them. Using a strict set of standards established by the State, the Appeal Board meets with both groups and acts in judgment on the case. The Board either sends the case back to the Planning Board or CEO for further consideration and review or denies the appeal. Judgments made by the Board can only be challenged in a court of law.

This group meets only as needed. They would work very closely with the Code Enforcement Officer in preparation for any potential hearings.

School Committee

These five members are elected by the voters of Mechanic Falls. Their purposed is to oversee the full operation, set policy and approve the annual for the school district encompassing of the towns of Mechanic Falls, Minot and Poland.

They meet several times per month and work with School Administrators and the Superintendent

Budget Committee

This committee of seven members, appointed by the Town Council, is responsible for reviewing the proposed municipal operating budget before it goes to voter referendum. This group hears justification for needed expenses from the Town Manger and municipal staffers and then makes a recommendation to the voters as to whether or not they recommend the expense be approved. Their recommendation is printed on the ballot.

This committee only meets a few times in the months of February and/or March and attends the municipal budget public hearing. They work with the Town Council and the Town Manager.

Development Commission

The Mechanic Falls Development Commission is a committee of five citizens, appointed by the Town Council. They are charged with hearing development proposals requesting small business loans. They also review existing businesses that are need of loans for improvements to their current businesses. The Town Council created the Mechanic Falls Development Commission in 1981, in response to the loss of more than 250 jobs when Marcal Mill shut down.  The MFDC is a non-profit organization charged with stimulating industrial and commercial development and expansions in Mechanic Falls.  The MFDC promotes economic development by providing financial loan assistance to businesses, which create new jobs, and by acquiring and selling land in support of the Town's economic development efforts. Mechanic Falls’ residency is not required for appointment to this group.

This group is meeting quarterly.

Historical Society

This committee has five appointed members but is open to anyone who has an interest in preserving the history and historical artifacts generated by the existence of the Town of Mechanic Falls. Members are self governed by a board of directors who assist the group with the overall operation of the Society and fundraising to cover the costs of the building that houses the Society.

This group meets monthly and works with the Town Manager.

Library Trustees

The Library Trustees are comprised of eight members appointed by the Town Council. This group is tasked with overseeing the operation of the public library, proposing the annual budget and setting policy. This group is also responsible for fundraising efforts of which the proceeds directly benefit the library. Mechanic Falls’ residency is not required for appointment to this group.

This group meets monthly throughout the year and works closely with the Librarian and the Town Manager

Planning Board

The Mechanic Falls Planning Board is a group of seven (5-regular members, 2 alternates) citizens, appointed by the Town Council. They are charged with hearing proposals for development whether it is a new small retail store or a large residential subdivision. It is their primary task to review proposed plans to ensure that they are compatible with neighborhoods, will conform to our local rules and ordinances and are developed to standards previously outlined by past legislative authority. The Planning Board is the permitting authority for development applications.

The Planning Board is also responsible for proposing ordinance amendments. From time to time, rules need to be updated, changed or abolished. The Planning Board members debate the issues, hold public hearings to receive public input and make a recommendation to the Town Council. The Council then acts on their recommendations to adopt or deny the new amendment.

This group meets on an as needed basis. They work closely with the Code Enforcement Officer.

Recreation Committee

The Mechanic Falls Recreation Committee is a ten member committee appointed by the Town Council. This group is tasked with all operational aspects of the recreation programs sponsored by the town of Mechanic Falls with the exception of the Summer Rec Camp program. This group handles all organization, implementation, routine facility maintenance and fund raising activities for summer baseball and softball, adult softball, fall soccer, winter skiing / snowboarding and basketball. The group also takes care of the outdoor ice rink in the winter months. Individual members of the committee volunteer as commissioners for each program offered.

This group meets monthly throughout the year and works with the Town Manager and Public Works Department.

Safety Committee

This committee, of whose membership is selected by the Town Manager, is a group of municipal employees each of who represents a municipal department. This group is responsible for the annual review of all safety policies and procedures, creates and recommends Council adoption of new policies and conducts safety inspections of each municipal department and their associated work areas.

Employment by the municipality is required for membership.